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Technology has fundamentally changed the way consumers interact with businesses. Virtual department stores now carry 500 million products. Networks of vacant apartments book more rooms than the largest hotel chains in the world. Private cars are ordered with the click of a button.

As the consumer landscape transforms, so too must the ways in which software is delivered.

DevOps is the solution we employ and teach.

It keeps everyone in a business, from the development team to operations, on the same page.

Continuous delivery and constant testing reduce the likelihood of complex problems. Issues that do arise can be quickly solved. Stability of operating environments improve. New features are released more frequently. And end users experience a higher-quality product faster.

The result is a unified workflow optimized to meet business goals.

DevOps Unified Workflow

DevOps Tools We Use

Besides speed and product quality, the appeal of DevOps lies in building a system that maintains integrity over time. System integrity relies on solid configuration management, a crucial component in successfully transitioning to a DevOps approach. Similar to testing, this is a process that should be automated as much as possible.

And for that we typically use Ansible, which we think is the best open source platform for simplifying configuration management, application deployment and task automation.

DevOps Tools

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